he akita puppy is an adorable, furry, wonderful little cutie. Before you choose an Akita puppy or any puppy be sure to find out more about the breed. Always consider the inherent disposition of the breed to make sure that it will fit in with your family. Akitas are very protective of their families and can be territorial. They grow to be large dogs with male Akitas weighing up to 100 to 125 pounds. They are strong animals that were used as working animals in their native Japan.

Akitas may not get along with other animals in the household. In nature they prey on smaller animals so they may not tolerate other pets, particularly cats and other dogs. If you are considering getting an Akita you may want to choose an Akita as the only household pet. This will avoid problems and your Akita will be happier. Because Akitas are large dogs you not want to get one until the children are older. Akitas are very sensitive, family oriented dogs and love to be near their owners. They tend to defend their territories and their home and family. They may be less tolerant of guests and people they don't know.

When choosing an Akita puppy it is important to find a reputable Akita breeder. The Akita breed is relatively new to the United States and has been recognized by the American Kennel Club since 1972. You can often find a reputable local breeder by going through the AKC. View the Akita breeder website to find out more about the breeder and their puppies. Since there aren't many Akita breeders you may need to travel to pick up your new puppy.

Like most purebred dogs Akitas are bred for perfection. Most Akita puppies range in price anywhere from $750 on the low end up to about $2,000. If you want a show quality dog you will pay much more. Qualified Akita breeders do not send any puppies to be sold at pet shops. If you do find an Akita puppy for sale at a pet shop be cautious. These puppies are often bred at puppy mills.

When you choose an Akita puppy be prepared to bring it home. Always introduce a new puppy to the household gently and quietly. Allow your new puppy to explore within the areas that he is allowed to do so. Puppy-proof your home just as you would for a baby. Akita puppies are curious and want to put everything in their mouths. They have strong jaws, even at this young age, and may ruin items that are left out. Start training the new puppy about what is acceptable behavior. Akitas are smart dogs and fast learners. They often want to please their owners. Give your new Akita plenty of praise when he does something good.

Akitas can be very protective of their families. They need to know who their family is and they must be able to listen to each family member. This is especially important as the puppy grows into a large dog that can easily pull your children by the leash. Consistent training efforts will ensure that your new Akita puppy is socialized well and will be a member of the family.