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Welcome to Akita Inu Guide, a website devoted to Inu care and training. Akitas are wonderful family companions. They are loyal, lovable, and naturally protective.

Throughout this site, you will get a greater understanding of what Inus are all about, common Inu behaviors, and how to train your dog to follow rules and even do some tricks. Whether you consider yourself an expert or a novice, there are always things to learn about your Inu. So read on and learn to love your pet…

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Akita Care In A Nutshell

Akitas are a strong and large breed. They are usually quite sturdy and need plenty of food and exercise.

They come in many different colors, both solid and mixed. There black akitas, white akitas, light red, and brown. There are black akitas with white markings, light red with black markings -- the list goes on!

They have thick short coats that do require some brushing. The Akita's coat is thick and short. It consists of two layers and they shed once or twice a year, usually one time in the spring. This shedding is called "blowing coat" and the process typically takes several weeks. During this time they will require more brushing than ever.

It is important to keep your Akita well groomed so that the amount of shedding is minimized. Using a strong, thick brush or shedding tool will help rid the dog of the excess hair more quickly. After the second week you should give your dog a bath to help rid the coat of additional excess hair. Otherwise bathing is not necessary and can actually remove the oils in the Akita's coat. Akitas are naturally very clean animals and don't require excessive bathing.

Akitas need a large amount of food each day to maintain their strength and body weight. If properly exercised you should not need to worry about weight gain. Since Akitas are prone to possible thyroid and immune system disorders you may want to consider giving your Akita a daily supplement. When you bring your Akita puppy home always continue to feed him what the breeder fed did so as not to disrupt his regular diet. Your veterinarian may suggest a standard diet for your Akita so follow these instructions.

Your Akita needs plenty of daily exercise. This can include a brisk walk on the leash as well as some time in the yard. A large fenced yard is important for your Akita. However, the Akita is a sensitive and social animal and likes to be with his family. Never keep your Akita outdoors except during periods of exercise. When playing with your pet don't encourage "mouthing" behaviors such as play biting or tug of war. These games are fun when the Akita is a puppy but these games are teaching behaviors that you don't want to have in your adult dog.

Training is one of the most important things that you need to do in caring for your Akita. Because they grow to be large and strong dogs you need to start training at an early age. Akitas are very intelligent and respond well to training. One of the aspects of training needs to be socialization. Akita-Inu can be very territorial and can even be aggressive towards other dogs or people that it doesn't know. Teaching socialization skills from an early age can often circumvent this behavior. The Akita needs to listen to his family members so it is imperative that you teach your Akita who his leaders are. If you need help in this department seek the services of a good dog trainer with experience in training Akitas.

Akitas are natural born guard dogs and will often protect their family from anyone they don't know. In light of this be sure to take proper precautions before someone enters your home. An Akita is a loving and loyal pet and will live a long and happy life when well cared for.

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De Akita is een hondenras dat oorspronkelijk uit Japan afkomstig is. Het is door de FCI ingedeeld bij de "keeshonden en oertypen